Filmmakers For Alcohol Awareness


Alcohol causes 2 million deaths yearly. It accounts for 3.7 percent of total global deaths and 4.4 percent of global disease. 140 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol dependence, and alcohol abuse is responsible for more than 60 types of disease and injury. There are stories out there that NEED to be told.

FilmMakers For Alcohol Awareness is a non-profit organization comprised of entertainment industry professionals that are dedicated to shedding light on the problems and struggles people face with alcohol addiction. Our intent is to make films with real stories that edify the public on alcoholism. These films can range from dark dramas, to comedies or parodies. Whatever the genre, the campaign focuses on raising money to produce films that both entertain and expose alcoholism. Media is one of the best ways to get out a message. Our hope is that these stories can be presented to the masses, and hopefully serve as inspiration for help or recovery.